Privacy Policy

Northland India is a responsible gifts seller in Delhi and respects your privacy.Our business is always run in accordance with the existing rules and regulations.We do not collect any personal information from our customers. If any information is collected, it is for used for enhancing your shopping experience. This collected information is utilized responsibly, and we never disclose sensitive data to untrustworthy third parties.

When you’re shopping with us, we may ask for your complete name, mailing address, contact numbers, credit card/debit card details (if required), etc. This information is used for providing you the best shopping experience. We never use this data for any other purpose. Moreover, we always ask for your permission prior to collection of personal info. We are truly transparent in our conduct.

How We Protect Your Personal Information?

We understand your concerns. That’s why, all the orders go through a secure server. Thus, the personal information is collected in a secure manner. There are no risks of unauthorized access. Your security is of the utmost importance at Northland India. And we will leave no stone unturned to ensure it.

We Never Share Your Sensitive Data!

Northland India does not sell your personal info to third parties. So, you information is in safe hands. Moreover, we are always working to improve our site. If we make any amendments in our privacy policy, we will share them through this page. So, you are always informed about the latest changes in our privacy policy.And if you’ve any query, feel free to contact us.